Sunday, December 13, 2009


akshara wanted me to go over swimming at her place today, so ok. but i didnt have a swimming suit! only a string bikini that i bought for narcissistic reasons and which i didnt really want people to see me in because well, go figure.

like my tee? :)
so anyway we chilled by the pool at first because i felt really awkward at the thought of stripping off and getting into the pool. but i really wanted to swim and i finally realised that i should just give hell to what people think and jump in.


camwhoring in the pool!

i still felt kinda weird but i just wanted to have a good time and if i kept worrying about how my ass is the size of the moon i wouldnt be able to just enjoy myself so, yeah. told myself to just forget it and chill. after all, nobody screamed in horror at the size of my butt or stared in utter disbelief or anything. XD


windswept :)

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