Wednesday, December 23, 2009


went pyramid the other day with my sis today for some christmas shopping. her friend ashley came along too.
we walked around a lot, from 1-7pm and i didnt buy a single thing! now thats a record! tried to find jen ning just to pay him a visit. went to bata and asked for him, his co-worker said "ahh, ah, you go straight here, turn left there, bla bla". walked for 3rounds on that floor but in the end got fed up and gave up.
went to fullhouse and took a few pics with their quirky unusual deco


so anyway, there was some cosplay event going on that day. pyramid was filled with lots of people in funny costumes! saw a guy from usj13 that i knew and he tried to hide from me, but in the end i still took a pic with him. :)

random stranger that i took a pic with, cos her costume was cute.
was supposed to go to yuen for class dinner after that with classmates, but decided to go to parade to meet up with my parents instead. boy am i glad i did, cos they took us to TGIF!

jingle bells, jingle bells.

we got an extra dish of mac and cheese cos they mixed up some of our orders.

stupid overexposed shot. cajun chicken.

i would like to thank the kind people at friday's for giving us another free dish, chicken strips and fries
adobo chicken with mint sauce. weihan and ryan said the mint sauce looks like someone puked on it. hey it was actually very nice ok!

my sis and ashley

mum. bro. dad.

dessert. i forgot its fancy name so i shall just call it chocolate brownie with ice cream.

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