Wednesday, December 23, 2009


this is pangkor day2 but i was lazy to arrange the pics properly so theyre all jumbled up.

weird insect outside my dorm room O.O
tau foo fah for supper.

and wow look at what we had for dinner! barbecued chicken,spicy prawns, grilled fish, crabs and sausages! seriously the food there was really, really good! i stuffed myself silly every day that i was there!

me and janice who came back from aussie for her semester break
went to the beach in the afternoon, 1.30pm. the camp committee must have not been using their brains, sending us out into the sun at such a time. slathered on lotsa sunblock before stepping out.
and now, i shall let the pictures do the talking. :)

footprints in the sand. i like this pic

me and chaichi

cun jumpshot doh!

in the process of getting a jumpshot

trying to get a proper pic

another fail jumpshot

unusual flower that i saw at the beach

michael toh : where the hell are my shorts?

rushing waves

sticky sweaty us after coming back from the beach

another weird insect on the door of my dorm. the eyes are seriously cool though.

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