Saturday, December 19, 2009


hey! finally im done uploading pics from pangkor! so while everyone was getting glammed up for prom and all, i was busy roughing it in youth camp.
departed from church to pangkor at 7am
camwhoring with hello panda in the bus

my bff whom i dragged along to camp :)


nangka! didnt pluck though

getting creative with hello panda :P
finally we reached the jetty after 5 FREAKING HOURS in the bus

pretty pretty flower :)

at the jetty

group pic while waiting for some of the other campers to arrive

chaichi candid me while taking pics

she's so skinny, she makes me look fat :(

with my dear youth advisor :)

having kai fan while waiting

overview of pangkor island

brandon and brian ho :)

seriously actually pangkor island is quite near to the mainland lor i think i could even swim there

fishing island

when we reached the island there were these cute pink minibuses everywhere! they take visitors all around the island :)

michaeltoh and me

monkeys foraging for food at the campsite :S
ok so at the first session the speaker asked us to break into groups of the same sex. we were given magazines and told to make a collage of what we think goes on in the opposite sex's minds.

our collage in the making

tadaa! well thats what we think goes on in guys' heads. sex, tech gadgets, cars, football, money, girls, etc. well anyway to prove his point, the speaker said that none of us girls or guys possibly look like that, so we should accept ourselves for who we are.
so thats the end of day 1! will continue posting about day 2, 3, and 4. :)

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