Tuesday, December 29, 2009


so much for another lazy day in bed today. was peacefully snoozing when around 8, my phone beeped with a text from ken asking me to go makan. blinked away the sleep from my eyes, pulled on my clothes and headed over to the mamak near my house where ken and andy were already chilling.
they asked me to join them in pyramid later, but they were going for shogun and im not some rich ass kid who can afford shogun for normal occasions and didnt wanna be mulling around alone while they dined so yeah, told them i didnt wanna go at first. after some persuasion, i said OK, but only if i had someone to accompany me. they decided that the 'someone' would be weihan, so went to his house to invite his royal highness to pyramid too.
sat in the car and they made a lot of noise until he opened the door all sleepy and messy. after the guys bullied him into submission, we went to the bball court to shoot some hoops, even in our not-for-basketball clothes.
went home to get ready and wait for ken to pick me up.

in ken's car.
so in pyramid we parted directions, andy, amy and ken (the rich ass kids) to shogun and weihan, yewmin and i (the poor shits) to MCD.
see we so poor that they discounted our mcchicken to only rm3.50, nyeh.

no lah, i think they just punched in the price wrongly.

everyone met up and went for pool after that, first time in my life. i always thought of pool centres as dingy seedy places filled with old men smoking but found it quite fun actually. saw darling shyvonne, my friend of 17years with her boyfriend there.
watched the guys play at first.

ken. weihan.

yewmin. weihan. andy. look at andy's smexy pout in this pic =D

ken. weihan.
looked interesting to me so after a few rounds, i joined them.

me : oh ohh, must use this long long stick hit those colourful balls into the holes ah? :P

first time noob la what you expect. it was damn funny on a few occasions where i missed hitting the white ball even though it was right in front of my nose. anyhow, i sank a few balls too so maybe i dont suck THAT badly although they might beg to differ.

noob in action

see, i sank the red ball! :D


took cousin jessica for SHOPPING at pyramid today! she insists i teman her because i know pyramid inside out and know where to find super bargains. well, one learns stuff when one has worked there for like 2 months. :)

saw this in asian avenue.

my new bff, hee! :P


au naturale
check out these wicked rings at diva. totally fab!

headed to jessica's house in kl for dinner later. she bought many many things, loved her killer heels!
*greening (if theres such a word) in envy*
i simply HAVE to go back and get those heels for myself the next time im there!
taa :)


havent been blogging for a few days now, been crazy busy lately. going out every single day, running around, late night makans and such.
tsk tsk cannot cannot this is terrible for my skin and health.
plan to have a lazy day in bed tomorrow.

so anyway i went to pyramid (i think i should just set up a tent there, im practically living there these days) with some of my church members to jalan. the rides, ooh! :D

darling jamie. she looks like im forcing her to take this pic :S
went on the ferris wheel. first time riding a ferris wheel in my life! i thought it was rm5 for one booth, turned out it was rm5 per person! wtf, burn money man. it wasnt THAT great anyway cos it wasnt that high.

ian taking pictures of us :)

michael fun and his two sweet kids, jamie and jeremy.

Friday, December 25, 2009


you people have probably been bombarded with this phrase thousands of times but...

went carolling on christmas eve, church this morning and then summit to hang out and pick up cheap clothes. came back with tonnes of accesories and whatnot, but no clothes. gosh i seriously have to get my priorities straight. :(
will be going to grandparents house to meet up with cousins for annual christmas dinner and presents!
gotta run!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


have been trying not to stay at home as much as possible lately due to some problems with parents. hung out with weihan, ryan and andy yesterday. of all places, guess where we went?

thats right. it was my first time killing time there with friends, because who in the world would pick parade over all the other places available here in kl? surprisingly though, it was really quite fun even though we were there from 2-8pm. well that just opens up my eyes, never thought i could stay in parade for so long without getting bored.
went to a lot of places that i dont usually go to with friends on that day.

haha yes we went to toys'r'us.

weihan is traumatised to have been snapped in a place he deems to lame to be seen in. :)

andy and ryan are too engrossed in barney merchandise to care.

look at the cool bunny ears i found! they made andy wear them. :)
little kids playing dress up
why do i look so black here >.<
witchy bitchy

so went to cold storage after that, another place not exactly on my list of top destinations to chill with friends. but it was still really fun there, with weihan promoting ruffles and ridges (O.o?) and ryan bent on his hunt for kinder bueno.

in heaven aka candy aisle. weihan and ryan choosing chocolates. we saw a jar of chocolates priced at RM100 wtf
while ryan was standing in the very long line waiting to pay for his candy, weihan wanted to buy makeup to look good for his christmas party after that but felt too manly to buy it himself so he dragged me along to make it look like i was the one buying makeup instead.

weihan : now, which colour lipstick matches my sexy lips?
:P just kidding he was buying it for his sister.
but anyway it was a lost cause to take me to buy makeup cause i have never worn makeup in my life and cant tell concealer from foundation. we were standing there for like 30minutes goggling at the pathetic array of makeup, and ryan was like "eh can you faster make up your mind and just pick one" when he came over.
checked out parkson (another first time going there with friends) and went to makan at KFC after that, and the waiter gave us 5sen with our set meal.

haha nah, the waiter actually dropped it into ryan's mashed potatoes by accident.
went to the arcade for daytona after that. i didnt even know parade had an arcade! well it was a pretty pathetic one anyway.

weihan playing skeeball
walked around some more after that, when ryan randomly said "lets sit down some where and eat kinder bueno"

ryan. andy.
went to MPH later on, they were selling calendars for RM15 but weihan bought his on discount and got a magazine free.

got this boyfriend shirt at only RM24. i look scary in this pic. O.O


went pyramid the other day with my sis today for some christmas shopping. her friend ashley came along too.
we walked around a lot, from 1-7pm and i didnt buy a single thing! now thats a record! tried to find jen ning just to pay him a visit. went to bata and asked for him, his co-worker said "ahh, ah, you go straight here, turn left there, bla bla". walked for 3rounds on that floor but in the end got fed up and gave up.
went to fullhouse and took a few pics with their quirky unusual deco


so anyway, there was some cosplay event going on that day. pyramid was filled with lots of people in funny costumes! saw a guy from usj13 that i knew and he tried to hide from me, but in the end i still took a pic with him. :)

random stranger that i took a pic with, cos her costume was cute.
was supposed to go to yuen for class dinner after that with classmates, but decided to go to parade to meet up with my parents instead. boy am i glad i did, cos they took us to TGIF!

jingle bells, jingle bells.

we got an extra dish of mac and cheese cos they mixed up some of our orders.

stupid overexposed shot. cajun chicken.

i would like to thank the kind people at friday's for giving us another free dish, chicken strips and fries
adobo chicken with mint sauce. weihan and ryan said the mint sauce looks like someone puked on it. hey it was actually very nice ok!

my sis and ashley

mum. bro. dad.

dessert. i forgot its fancy name so i shall just call it chocolate brownie with ice cream.


this is pangkor day2 but i was lazy to arrange the pics properly so theyre all jumbled up.

weird insect outside my dorm room O.O
tau foo fah for supper.

and wow look at what we had for dinner! barbecued chicken,spicy prawns, grilled fish, crabs and sausages! seriously the food there was really, really good! i stuffed myself silly every day that i was there!

me and janice who came back from aussie for her semester break
went to the beach in the afternoon, 1.30pm. the camp committee must have not been using their brains, sending us out into the sun at such a time. slathered on lotsa sunblock before stepping out.
and now, i shall let the pictures do the talking. :)

footprints in the sand. i like this pic

me and chaichi

cun jumpshot doh!

in the process of getting a jumpshot

trying to get a proper pic

another fail jumpshot

unusual flower that i saw at the beach

michael toh : where the hell are my shorts?

rushing waves

sticky sweaty us after coming back from the beach

another weird insect on the door of my dorm. the eyes are seriously cool though.