Wednesday, November 25, 2009


the other day was tzelin and tzekwang's birthday. just a few pics of the occasion, since she really wanted to see them online. :) thank me girl.
only cake? where's the presents?

happy birthday to yoouuu.
i think so far this is the year that i've been to the most birthdays among my 17 years of existence.
i have a love-hate relationship with cakes. i love how they taste and could gobble up a whole secret recipe oreo cheesecake, but my thighs and tummy dont get along well with that. :(

stabbing the cake ceremony
look at the pretty sugar roses! my camera didnt do them justice though.

family pic
btw, my favourite time of the year, CHRISTMAS is coming!

gingerbread men herald the coming of christmas :)

carolling practice.

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