Friday, November 20, 2009


hello!! ;D
was at the sunway convention centre yesterday night.
for what?

for this!! my cousin just called me to come at the last minute and since i was feeling bored at home, i thought, why not?
and i am SOOOOO glad i went it was crazy awesome!
when i first got there i couldnt find the the place, thought of just screwing the idea and going shopping in pyramid but finally dragged myself to the right place.
when i got there i was like WTF a few thousand people inside the hall and a few more thousand waiting to get in.
i called my mum to come and get me to go home but she told me to say that i was Elder Lian's niece. i did so and the ushers zipped me past the mad queue of people outside and got me in.
i felt like a VIP ^.^

unfortunately i was in the last row where due to my shortness, i could hardly see nuts.
i told the ushers inside that i was Elder Lian's niece again and immediately was taken to the front seats. :D

there was a performance by this singer called Xiao Fang. yup, ive never heard of him either, but he's the one who composed the Meteor Garden theme song, the one that made the group F4 famous overnight.
then there was a cheerleading competition amongst the unis and colleges of malaysia!
ive never been to a cheer competition before, and it was really fun. :)

oh, not to mention my cousin sophia was in the cheer team for monash uni!

thats her in the middle

here she is, last (wo)man standing.

the concert.
there were so freaking many people there, from so many different nationalities, countries, and races.

nothing is impossible!
i'll be going again tonight, cant believe i almost missed it yesterday. :D

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