Saturday, November 14, 2009


for the past week, i went to U6BC at usj6 to support my school under-15 guys basketball team in the Tanjung Mahsuri Cup. went there almost every night/evening and i'm so proud of them for getting 1st runner up even though it was probably because luck was on their side.
*wipes away proud tears*
their match on tuesday night.
forgot what team they were playing against already :S

pink jerseys are GAY. free throw for SU.
i like player no.14 from SU!!! so talented and passionate for basketball! i like guys like this :D
i liked no.8 too but too bad he was injured :(

hope you get well soon jen ning :)

go no.14!!
my friends always say that all the guys i go for, have been involved with or find hot are always basketball players. and yes they are right i prefer guys who play basketball. if i had a boyfriend who doesnt play the game, he'd sure as hell have to make up for it in a lot of other ways.
on saturday i walked there cos i only looked for transport at the last minute. yes, walked to usj6 all the way from my house in usj16.
ivan : not tired meh?
me : tired la! but at least i tired see you all win if not i say bloody wasting my time walk here.

on the day of their finals i walked there again.
what? semangat ma :P
them warming up before the game

against Usj8 (in green)

i was kicking myself for not bringing my camera. my phone produces sucky pics.

start game ; jump ball!
one word to describe tan seh wei's game : WOW O.O
they lost this game but i'm still proud of them :)
waiting to collect their prize

group pic :)
from left - ryan, ivan, douglas, sam, balvinder, owi, po hong.
hope to see them keep performing and going further.

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