Thursday, November 19, 2009


since i'm so free now, i have decided to upload all the pics that we took before SPM!! :D
in class on monday
we're all studying sejarah here

cheh acting malu

wtf han jia was doing crossword puzzles.
two gays got hold of my camera and camwhored with it.

you could fry an egg with the oil on junweng's face :P

pouty lips everyone!
mwah mwah

ketua tingkatan and me

mr. jesus and me
inside joke :)

ketua tingkatan theanming

ketua tingkatan and the holiness


ok then we had to go down for some last minute briefing by the teachers and to get their blessing. i heard some girls saying that they planned to cry when asking for teachers blessing, and it sounded so stupid that i scoffed at them.
how do you 'plan to cry'?
surprisingly though, i myself cried when we were leaving the school after asking for teachers blessing.
its just that i know i'm going to miss all the beautiful people that i've met in high school. my relationships with the people around me, all throughout these 5years, whether good or bad have helped mold me into the person i am today. i have hated, i have loved, but im putting all that behind me now. i'm just glad im leaving high school on good terms with everyone.
ok enough with emo ing. time to fill up on more pics :)

5finnix girls (well half of them anyway) and christa

haha ignore shihjin's perverted pose >.<

chia jun weng, my classmate since form1.
im pretty sure im gonna miss him screaming out kelly clarkson lyrics at the top of his lungs in class.

shortest, short, tall

dont be fooled by their pose they were all actually posing for this pic ok

jess jess and i

caleb, me, rikhai, abi

we heart mr. thanabalan

does he heart us too? :)

car accident outside the school. my friend said "eh so bad la you! people so malang kena accident already some more you can take picture there!"

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