Saturday, November 21, 2009


went for the second day of EMERGE KL 2009 today.
reached at 2pm and was wondering what to do. my aunt took me shopping. :)
she asked me to take her to all the nice shops cause i know where everything is since i worked there last year.
yes so retarded i know you can see my bra strap but what the hell
then she took me for makan at Friday's! :D

the cajun chicken was so good, i ate two of them before remembering that i wanted to take a picture. XD

evening service of EMERGE.
they had a wii competition with the winners getting rm200 :)

kayaking as hard as they can for the rm200
then it was time for the beauty pageant

then had a manhunt too

finalists of the beauty pageant and manhunt

Q&A session

had to leave early cos i was following my family for dinner.
look at how freaking many people were there! and thats not even half of them, can you imagine.

too bad i wont be able to come for the final day of EMERGE tomorrow, have to stay at home and cram 36 nilai murni into my head, plus addmaths.
walked around after that and saw this group of people doing latin dance near the ice skating rink.

krispy kreme

a bag that i got from pyramid

night peeps.
do envy me the useless facts i have to drill into my skull tomorrow, sobs.

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