Wednesday, November 25, 2009


my blog has become so saddeningly narcissistic. almost every post is about what i did today, happenings in my insignificant life, etc. and here is more of the same ol', same ol'. :D
was preparing to cram for addmaths yesterday when my mum announced that she was going shopping. im quite surprised that she asked me and my bro to accompany her even though she knew about the dreaded paper i was facing.
well so since i was out there anyway, i thought i might as well make the best out of it. fyi, i have to do ALL my cny shopping this month because when i come back in february next year, it'll be cny already and i wont have time to shop!
so daddy, money money?
*waves empty purse under his nose*
teehee :D
took the opportunity to try on dresses while my mum browsed.

my bro was bored out of his skull, dragged away from his transformers and forced to sit through two females' fashion fetish.

i made him camwhore with me. look at his "i know isnt my situation pathetic" face

a thomas the engine bag in one of the shops.
met up with my dad at strawberry fields later for eats. read the newspaper while waiting for the food, and

adam lambert!

adamlambertadamlambertadamlambert!!! i totally adore him! here's one that defies all tyical stereotypes!
an attempt to flog (food blog)

thai chicken rice

seafood platter. mum complained that she didnt like it because everything was fried, how unhealthy. i for one agree with her.

oxtail soup.

my grilled chicken chop with lemon sauce

bro's spaghetti bolognese

unique piece of grafitti.
got home near midnight and squeezed in 3hours of addmaths, but screw it! addmaths paper today was so damn tough even people like jenna said it was nuts.
to hell with it.

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