Sunday, November 29, 2009


pierced my nose again for the third time the other day. i seriously vow to take good care of my piercing this time and not screw it up by touching it with dirty hands, removing the stud all the time, etc.
mum : too much money ah how many times you want to pierce your nose.
sis : what, again? ow
bro : ...
dad : *glances at me and continues typing his sms*
will wash it with salt water and apply dettol antiseptic lotion religiously for the next one month.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


my blog has become so saddeningly narcissistic. almost every post is about what i did today, happenings in my insignificant life, etc. and here is more of the same ol', same ol'. :D
was preparing to cram for addmaths yesterday when my mum announced that she was going shopping. im quite surprised that she asked me and my bro to accompany her even though she knew about the dreaded paper i was facing.
well so since i was out there anyway, i thought i might as well make the best out of it. fyi, i have to do ALL my cny shopping this month because when i come back in february next year, it'll be cny already and i wont have time to shop!
so daddy, money money?
*waves empty purse under his nose*
teehee :D
took the opportunity to try on dresses while my mum browsed.

my bro was bored out of his skull, dragged away from his transformers and forced to sit through two females' fashion fetish.

i made him camwhore with me. look at his "i know isnt my situation pathetic" face

a thomas the engine bag in one of the shops.
met up with my dad at strawberry fields later for eats. read the newspaper while waiting for the food, and

adam lambert!

adamlambertadamlambertadamlambert!!! i totally adore him! here's one that defies all tyical stereotypes!
an attempt to flog (food blog)

thai chicken rice

seafood platter. mum complained that she didnt like it because everything was fried, how unhealthy. i for one agree with her.

oxtail soup.

my grilled chicken chop with lemon sauce

bro's spaghetti bolognese

unique piece of grafitti.
got home near midnight and squeezed in 3hours of addmaths, but screw it! addmaths paper today was so damn tough even people like jenna said it was nuts.
to hell with it.


the other day was tzelin and tzekwang's birthday. just a few pics of the occasion, since she really wanted to see them online. :) thank me girl.
only cake? where's the presents?

happy birthday to yoouuu.
i think so far this is the year that i've been to the most birthdays among my 17 years of existence.
i have a love-hate relationship with cakes. i love how they taste and could gobble up a whole secret recipe oreo cheesecake, but my thighs and tummy dont get along well with that. :(

stabbing the cake ceremony
look at the pretty sugar roses! my camera didnt do them justice though.

family pic
btw, my favourite time of the year, CHRISTMAS is coming!

gingerbread men herald the coming of christmas :)

carolling practice.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


hey earthlings.
spent 3hours yesterday to memorise the 36 moral nilai. i was quite surprised that my brain got hold of them so quickly, :)
today's paper was quite ok, i actually have glimmer of hope that i'll get a B at least?
will be facing a monster tomorrow, ADDMATHS. was at jeanette's house with her and jenna just now to study. well, at least we went there with earnest intentions to study ok! but we ended up gossiping as always and giving me a facial. =D
so since that study plan so obviously FAILED, will be going out to hunt down rikhai the addmaths genius later and actually learn what is the integrated value of x, the change of a acceleration of speed of a particle when its velocity is decreased by pi and other rubbish, yuk.

Monday, November 23, 2009


because there's more to us than just hanging out and having fun, than going shopping, than talking crap over the phone for hours, than laughing at crazy random things, than all this.
through thick and thin, through tears and laughter, we have always stuck together.
and this time its no different. i'll always be here and you know you can count on me. no matter what, at least we'll still have each other.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


went for the second day of EMERGE KL 2009 today.
reached at 2pm and was wondering what to do. my aunt took me shopping. :)
she asked me to take her to all the nice shops cause i know where everything is since i worked there last year.
yes so retarded i know you can see my bra strap but what the hell
then she took me for makan at Friday's! :D

the cajun chicken was so good, i ate two of them before remembering that i wanted to take a picture. XD

evening service of EMERGE.
they had a wii competition with the winners getting rm200 :)

kayaking as hard as they can for the rm200
then it was time for the beauty pageant

then had a manhunt too

finalists of the beauty pageant and manhunt

Q&A session

had to leave early cos i was following my family for dinner.
look at how freaking many people were there! and thats not even half of them, can you imagine.

too bad i wont be able to come for the final day of EMERGE tomorrow, have to stay at home and cram 36 nilai murni into my head, plus addmaths.
walked around after that and saw this group of people doing latin dance near the ice skating rink.

krispy kreme

a bag that i got from pyramid

night peeps.
do envy me the useless facts i have to drill into my skull tomorrow, sobs.

Friday, November 20, 2009


hello!! ;D
was at the sunway convention centre yesterday night.
for what?

for this!! my cousin just called me to come at the last minute and since i was feeling bored at home, i thought, why not?
and i am SOOOOO glad i went it was crazy awesome!
when i first got there i couldnt find the the place, thought of just screwing the idea and going shopping in pyramid but finally dragged myself to the right place.
when i got there i was like WTF a few thousand people inside the hall and a few more thousand waiting to get in.
i called my mum to come and get me to go home but she told me to say that i was Elder Lian's niece. i did so and the ushers zipped me past the mad queue of people outside and got me in.
i felt like a VIP ^.^

unfortunately i was in the last row where due to my shortness, i could hardly see nuts.
i told the ushers inside that i was Elder Lian's niece again and immediately was taken to the front seats. :D

there was a performance by this singer called Xiao Fang. yup, ive never heard of him either, but he's the one who composed the Meteor Garden theme song, the one that made the group F4 famous overnight.
then there was a cheerleading competition amongst the unis and colleges of malaysia!
ive never been to a cheer competition before, and it was really fun. :)

oh, not to mention my cousin sophia was in the cheer team for monash uni!

thats her in the middle

here she is, last (wo)man standing.

the concert.
there were so freaking many people there, from so many different nationalities, countries, and races.

nothing is impossible!
i'll be going again tonight, cant believe i almost missed it yesterday. :D

Thursday, November 19, 2009


am thinking of getting another phone soon. although my current k770i is doing well, its such a hassle to keep changing SIM cards. 2numbers one phone, so ma fan.
so anyway im surfing the net for phones now, one of the models i might go for is the sony ericsson w705.
i am SO IN LOVE with the red and black model! it looks so classy and elegant.

i heard that brenda and kokweng bought theirs early this year, at around rm1100+? but now the price has really dropped a lot already, only around rm800. but yerr this phone's camera isnt so good la :(
im gonna ask my dad to get me this after SPM unless i see something better. all i want is a phone with a great camera and wifi but so far havent seen anything that fulfills that criteria yet.