Saturday, September 26, 2009


so you might realize i've changed the tracks on my blog's playlist. that doesn't mean i'm any less in love with ADAM LAMBERT though, i still think he's one of the hottest guys around. and with a great voice to boot.

some pics of him i've found on the net

idontcareifhe'sgayilovehimilovehimilovehim :D!!!
oh, and i found pics of him and his boyfriend too.
cant really be seen but i think adam's too hot for him XD
i think adam would hit it off better with someone like chace crawford
the hottest guy in the GG series. i have no idea why some people prefer chuck bass to him

he's hot, but this pose is really kinda gay. :S

Friday, September 25, 2009


went to parade today with my mum and bro. bought a pair of heels at 50% off. ^.^
then when we were sitting down at Rotiboy, my mum discovered she lost her RM50. she was really upset and frustrated but when we got back to the car there it was on the seat.
so anyway i was reminiscing to myself today. when it was 2007 and i was in Form3, i won a digi prepaid card worth RM50. i realised the time when people "hangat ber sms" is when they have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
i was single at that time, and the expiry date of the prepaid was 2012.
so i decided, i had 5years to find a boyfriend and only when i had a boyfriend would i use it.
now is 2009 and i'm already in Form5, my last year of high school.
guys have come and gone in my life.
as for whether i've found a boyfriend yet, let's just say i still haven't used the credit.

how random :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


just got back from 2hours of addmaths tuition. had chemistry before that and having piano later.
some shots af the stuff i bought yesterday.

long flowy skirt. :) its the first long skirt i've ever owned.

i think this four leaved clover necklace is really pretty.
aren't four leaved clovers supposed to be lucky as well? maybe it'll bring me luck :)

God knows i need it

gotta go for 2hours of piano now, sigh.


went to pyramid AGAIN, with arief and his girlfriend today.
bought a top from nichii and a skirt, one of those flowing long ones. watched Final Destination4
so how was it? well i think this is a waste of time if you've already watched FD1,2 and 3. basically the plot and everything is the same but for this fourth movie the storyline really sucked.
you might say "who cares? FD movies are about people dying anyway" but the way they die in this FD movie is just so... YAWN i could have fallen asleep. the way people are killed off in FD2&3 are much more fun to watch and more gruesome. there's not much sadistic violence or blood in this movie.


went to pyramid today with chaichi. were supposed to go at 1pm, but mum was so slow getting ready!

finally my mum was ready to go!
me and chaichi walked around for a while and then decided to go buy tickets for The Ugly Truth but when we got there the line was so damn long that we thought that we'd just rather not watch it.
went to eat at lala avenue

i'm a diehard fan of bubble milk tea. my current affinity is green apple. :D

XXL crispy chicken
chaichi wanted to get more formal tops as she doesnt really have many of them

Forever 21
she didnt buy anything though because she was too skinny. XD
walked around some more after that

mini mooncakes

went to some gift shop after, just for fun as we were really bored and had lotsa time

pretty pretty seashell mirror

im an angel dont i look so angelic :D
i bet im the only angel with pink wings around

memoirs of a geisha much? O.O

random shots from inside the gift shop

adorable bunny no this was not at the gift shop :)
went to her place to wait for my mum after that. couldnt help taking only a few hundred shots of the gorgeous sunset, but will only post a few here so as not to bore you people.
walking to her house

oops this was a fraction of a second after the sun disappeared


went to parade the other day with my mum. walked around abit and bought some stuff from F.O.S.
casual sandals with some heel

'environmentally' friendly totes at extremely low prices

Monday, September 21, 2009


aww how cute. XD
i'm in a dilemma.
should i or should i not change my blog's URL to
people, what do you think?
am going to pyramid with chaichi. shopping, movie, etc.
should we watch The Ugly Truth or Final Destination4? guess we'll decide there.
btw i've already watched all the FD movies except this one. :D
gotta run!

Friday, September 18, 2009


i noticed something. i'm a lot fairer! :D
compare my 'before' and 'after' pics
if you look at this pic closely, you can see the tan marks from my former sun loving days.
see the difference?
i think its really a lot to do with the fact that i dont play so much basketball anymore and only go running at night.


i finally cut my hair yesterday! i wanted to get it done during the hols so at least if it turned out bad it would have a week to recover.
went to A Cut Above since i have discount coupons. well actually it was the academy that i went to and the trainees there cut my hair.
and OMG i tell you the guys/trainees there were really hot O.O
no kidding XD
wanted to change my hairstyle but the guy insisted that i looked good with my bob. i didnt know what to say and finally agreed to go along with it.
another few months of sporting this same hairstyle. i like to change my hairstyle every so often because i think its boring to keep looking at the same thing in the mirror.
but this guy was good at cutting bobs i think. like, really short without making me look weird.
i think posh's bob looks scary. or is it just her face?

katie holmes looks SOOOOOO cute with this bob cut. sadly i dont have the sharp angled cheekbones and high forehead to get the same cut.
no pics of my new haircut cos im lazy to pose properly for the camera. am going out with my bff tomorrow for some shopping and quality bff time, so will probably take lotsa pics then. its been soo long since we spent time together. ^.^


a few weeks ago, i was wasting time at home when suddenly my cousin sophia called and
sophia : eh, you free now ah?
me : err ya, why?
sophia : come my church la got event!
and that was how i got roped in at the last minute to attend this thing at her church called "Will You Marry Me?"
saw siemens there. :)
inside the church

wow awesome light effects

during the drama

i know he cant be seen properly, but this is FuYing.
the drama was really great, especially the clothes. i saw a zang toi dress as one of the cast's costumes!

me and sophia after the event. went for makan around sunway and her friend sent me home after that.


i'm thinking of changing my blog's URL.
how does sound?
in case anyone doesnt know, cherish means love.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


hi there. :)
had a small birthday lunch today with some of my friends. it was a really last minute thing and im sorry that i couldnt invite everyone i wanted.
had our meal at strawberry fields in taipan. thanks for the meal chaichi. :)
ahh! they brought cake!
sheelong's shaky hands.

cue birthday song
*happy birthday to me* XD

i like this pic :)

yum it was really good. chocolate cake is such an indulgence of mine!


went driving around in chunkits car after that. yes, that kancil that i always make fun of in tuition. :) i was joking all the time, ok?

he let me drive after that. this isn't the first time i've driven, i've driven lots of times, auto and manual too.

so why were these people so scared when i was behind the wheel? i'm really not that bad of a driver! :D
chunkit sent me home after that.
boy, dont worry about the lies that people spread about you ok, i'm sure people who know you will know what kind of person you really are.

it was so hot in ck's car and when i got home this was what the remainder of my cake looked like. well whatever it still tastes good. :)