Wednesday, August 26, 2009


sighs. was supposed to go running, but it started to rain. ok then, a quick change of plans and we headed to taipan, AGAIN.
at amour.

went to big bookshop after that to read while waiting for mum.
saw these cute stickers :)

so cute right? there was a whole rack of them, but when i started snapping a guy came to me and said
"sorry miss, no pics allowed"
wtf? ok if it was some boutique, or whatever, i get it, cos that's their policy. but in a freaking bookshop? =.="
fuck you la you are only a bookshop so fucking lan ci for what its just stickers not the blueprints for Fort Knox or some important document.
walked around some more, and saw this bird outside Berry's.
no it wasnt a crow. i think it was some pigeon or something.

=) it wasnt very friendly.
went home and found out that my family had finished dinner. stuck a burger patty and some fishcake in the microwave because there was nothing else to eat in the fridge.

they still taste good! =)

G'nite~ :)

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