Thursday, August 27, 2009


i am so freaking hungry right now! so much so that i have taken to surfing the net for food and drooling at them. =D

OMG that has to be like one of the freaking dumbest commercials i have ever seen! its a laugh though :D

carls junior

no idea what this is, just know that its food.

this looks exactly like my grandmother's sweet and sour pork.


penang laksa!

burgers at T.G.I.Fridays.


this is the best ever pisang goreng i have tasted from usj2 near the shoplots at F&G

mini mooncakes

chocolate oreo cheesecake

onde onde!

ais kacang

chocolate marshmallow mocha cream brownie

mint chocolate chip oreo icecream cake

icecream on brownies

ice cream with waffles

haagen dazs icecream mooncakes! :D

icecream and cookies

mint chocolate chip icecream cone
lol imagine if my eyes could eat. i probably would look like this


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