Wednesday, August 26, 2009


sunday today, that means church.
it's not that i dont wanna go or i don't love God, but seriously, ever since i was born, for as long as i can remember, my family has gone to church EVERY single sunday, without fail.
any events or appointments on sundays have to be scheduled around church time, even if it was something important like going to lagoon on free passes with my friends.
wouldn't it be nice if once in a while, i could just sleep in? (grumble)
so anyway, my church youth was talking about our youth noticeboard. its akin to the papan keceriaan in class, with postings and notices about events, happenings, outings and so on. and guess what? our noticeboard has been neglected for a really long time. since 2007, to be exact.
we ripped out the stuff on the noticeboard and are currently working on a new one.
fooling around with the youth.

a piece of the stuff we ripped off from the noticeboard.
we went to my dad's friends restaurant in kelana jaya after that for some makan.
pretty clear blue sky =)
went for a drive after we finished our meal and came upon some office lots beside a lake.

a shop offering bridal wear.
the lake

blurry, cos my dad doesnt know how to take pics. :(

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