Thursday, August 20, 2009


i have been attending school for goodness knows how many days in a row already. this is so unlike me, but due to the stupid changes they made in the system that anyone who is absent for more than 10days gets a warning letter.
i got mine in april =.=
i miss last year, where i wouldnt ever be caught dead in school on a monday and could skip school as frequently as i liked due to lax enforcement. sometimes i would be in school for as many as 2days a week only.
wth i know, early in the morning before going to school also must camwhore ;)
only 17 people turned up. we sat in a group at the back of the class, and bryan and foolin played with my camera.
foolin's attempt at artistic photography

bryan's attempt

yes bryan, of course caleb knows that jesus died on the cross.

foolin and jenna

will you marry me?
inside joke, people. :)
bryan and me
foolin, why dont you like me ANYMORE? :D

O.o ?
he looks like he's eating something.
ok, then the most happening part of the day. some form5 classes were supposesd to go for a Sejarah ceramah. very shortly after they entered the hall, they came out again. they said that the reason for doing so was that one of our teachers had passed away from h1n1.
my oh my
general disorder ensued, and everyone was in a mess. h1n1 h1n1!!!
we took advantage of the situation to ponteng, walking throughout the school on the pretext of being concerned and wanting to know more.

swt theanming still can strip =.="
candid, cos Mr. Thanabalan is camera shy ;)
hey, macarena!
looks like nobody cares about the gravity of the situation

h1n1! where? who?
form5 students were the first to cabut in the pandemonium, and soon all the pupils followed suit, forcing SMK USJ12 to discontinue the school session and close down.
so we have a self-proclaimed early holiday

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