Saturday, August 8, 2009

RAINBOWS AND SUNSETS's the post about chaichi's birthday! :)

it's been really long, i know. but how could i resist the chance to post up all the pics that we took?


after school on that day, i rushed to get ready as soon as i got home, then headed to pyramid. ate at Popeye's. i thought the food was quite good, and at RM35 for all of us, the prices were quite reasonable too.


didnt take any pics then as, having missed eating lunch at home on account of getting ready, i was too busy scarfing down the food.

look at my face! i totally did not know that the camera was snapping us just then.

a better one.

that is not a real book.

wanted to try the 'naughty secretary' look with sheeloong, but failed when everyone joined in. :(

we watched Ice Age3. thought it was a stupid kiddie movie at first, but found out that its really quite ok.

toilet break before the movie. :P

do you see the '7's ?

chaichi trying on shoes at Mod. those flipflops are what i bought for her birthday pressie.

me and jess.

gorgeous shoes!! :D

blurry :(

i think the shades im wearing are so MJ

cheh posers :)

diggin' the MJ look

red undies

bought a cake for her, but our ride was already waiting. so we went to Tejas do the whole birthday song ritual, cos what's a birthday without a birthday cake, right? ;)


me and chaichi.

making her bday wishes.

group pic.

emo? :)

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