Saturday, August 29, 2009


it was raining heavily yesterday morning, and i was snuggled up warm and cosy in my bed with the blankets pulled tightly over my head.
however, at 7.30a.m. i crawled out of bed, had a bath in the icy cold water (since i couldnt be bothered with the heater) and pulled on my clothes to go out.
and all for what? to take my darling to the dentist!
it was her first visit, to fix a cavity
i never had any problems with my teeth at such a young age :/
her in the car.

don't know what shes doing O.O

sitting in the dentist chair

say "AAAHH"
her session took around more than an hour, but she was really good and didnt cry or anything.
shots of dental equipment :P

it was my mum's turn after that, so nicole and i waited outside.

she hearts the camera. btw, you know the song "Mary Had A Little Lamb"?
well i kinda think nicole looks like a little lamb in that white furry sweater. :D

she took this pic herself O.O

heh, nicole camwhoring my sayang :)

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