Wednesday, August 19, 2009


went to Taipan the other night with my sis. why Taipan, right?
well, its cause our mum wouldnt let us go to places like pyramid due to H1N1. or else, i would so get my ass over there.
anyway, it was SOOO long since i last went there, so i just concluded that it really wasnt so bad. ever heard ; absence makes the heart fonder?
hung around taipan for a while and saw that there were really quite a lot of nice things and good bargains there.
not to mention this pair of pearl-fly-dangling earrings. brings a whole new meaning to the saying 'one of a kind'

my newfound friend, Mr. Skeleton

he dont look cuddly much. :S
wanted to get one of those "Little Miss" shirts, the kind that everyone's wearing. and found this.
now, this is a piece that i dont see many people wearing. wouldve bought it, if not for the sucky colour. foolin and bryan saw this in class and told me that one of the 20 Top Fashion Don'ts is buying a t-shirt with a trashy saying.
hmph, like they would know. :P especially a guy like foolin who wears holey t-shirts and pyjama-like pants to tuition. :)
at McD waiting for mum.

got both shirts for less than Rm25.

bargain queen.


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