Thursday, August 20, 2009


happy happy us!
brought my camera to school the other day, just because. school hasnt been very happening lately, with an average of 20people who constantly attend in my class. so yeah, finnix isn't as noisy or as chaotic as it originally is with the full attendance of our class.
although i bet there are many teachers out there who would beg to differ. ;)
add maths sia.. O.O

bryan and foolin
really, we have too much free time in class.

robert says "YO"
did an experiment in the lab about the displacement of sodium nitrate and silver chloride. teacher said that the expected result would be small lumps of silver in a muddy solution. when i reached in to get the silver, i noticed that the solution was warm, so i played with it.

what i didnt expect was a layer of whatever it is that would stick to my hands and couldnt come off for more than a week.

it makes me look like a mechanic wannabe. :)

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