Saturday, August 8, 2009


this little girl has turned 5years old as of on the 2nd of August 2009!! :)
went to her house at 2pm for her party.

NO BOYS ALLOWED ; was the saying of the day. seriously, she only invited the girls in her class as they didnt want the boys to come. aah, sure brings back memories of everyone's childhood when we treated the opposite gender as a contagious disease, no?

and here is how you do the chicken dance

she looks as though she's deep in thought.

chicken dance! :D

all sitting down waiting for the next game, mucical pads. exactly like musical chairs, except that its played with pads.

nicole's mum putting down the pads.

music STOP! and you're out.

round and round they go.

so after the game, it was time for eatss!!

FOOD, (one of) the loves of my life.

my "i haven't eaten for weeks so please excuse me while i stuff my face" look.

nicole's mum has so many cookbooks with delicious recipes in them.
i love cookbooks. the pictures in them, that is. people frequently assume that im an aspiring nigella lawson, but its actually cos i enjoy staring at the pictures and imagining how they would taste.

nicole and her equally adorable brother, timmy. i have never been a fan of small kids, no thanks to the sounds and whatnot that they emit. drool, vomit, mucus, screaming their lungs out, smashing their food onto their faces? not exactly my idea of fun.
but i simply adore these two children.
sek fan.

i know this is very random, but have you ever seen a cuter 'toilet' sign?

after eating, the kids were given bubble kits and were sent into the garden to entertain themselves.

nicole and her twin cousins, jen lee and jen lin. i found it so hilarious that even their own aunt couldnt tell them apart.

bubbles on the grass. i like this pic.

nicole trying to catch a bubble. she's soooo adorable! XD

small kids and bubbles go together like macaroni and cheese.
and now, the best part of any birthday party, the cake!!!
(or in this case, should i say, cakes?) :)
yes, nicole had a batch of lovely cupcakes as her birthday cake!! the whole concept was simply so creative and adorable!!

this has definitely got to be the best idea for a birthday cake that i have ever seen. dont they just look completely, irresistably, absolutely, DELISH?
here are the individual cupcake designs that her cake was made up of. it was just so pleasing to the eye to look at them, i couldnt stop gushing over them, OOHing and AAHing over each and every one. lovely unique pieces of art, each with their own characteristics that made them stand out. and the fact that they were edible, well, that only served to endear them all the more to me. :)

in my opinion, this

and this cupcake were the prettiest ones on the table. :)

everyone waiting to sing the birthday song. in my opinion though, they were just as, if not even more eager to get their hands on a cupcake!! :D

abso-freaking-lutely the best birthday cake EVER! :D
i know that i probably am too fond of good food for my own good, but seriously, i am so totally in love with this birthday cake!

blowing out the candles on her cake.
the birthday girl choosing the first cupcake.

taking a pic of her with her upside down cupcake.

my first pick.

little kids having a good time.

picked to pieces.

our honeybun. ^.^
we waited patiently for everyone to go home before opening the presents. when the last person left, we flew to the living room, where all the presents were.
the first present nicole opened was from her aunt, which turned out to be an ang pao.

small girl, big cash.

candid 1

candid 2

a bag from Pet Shop. i bet this cost at least RM50.

High School Musical, the show even people my age love but won't admit because we're embarassed to say we all secretly still love corny, mass produced Disney products..
and yes, i love HSM. does anyone have a problem with that?
opening OUR present!

trying on her wedge heels. i really do think that that pair of heels were nice. i love wedges too, due to the fact that theyre so comfortable.

pretty pretty wedge heels

her tiny feet, my big one.

the person who took alot of trouble to organize the whole event.


after that, we gave her a shower and went upstairs to chill while my brother and hers played water balloons outside.

bouncing on the trampoline

went home at 10pm+, feeling worn out after such a long day.
but it was really fun and i bet everyone enjoyed it. i definitely did, very much. :D

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