Thursday, August 20, 2009


have been staying at home since school closed on wednesday, im bored. gosh, and its only friday. and no, going out for basketball and running dont count.
was supposed to wake up at 6 this morning to run, but forgot to set the alarm
i have been wasting time since 10a.m. gasp, yes, i woke up THAT early. for some people, waking up at 10 in the morning might be called 'sleeping in' but not for someone like me who usually only wakes up no earlier than 2p.m. during the hols.
studied chemistry and covered the whole chapter of redox, when i noticed that my brother had left the gameboy on the table.
hmm, wonder if i still got my pro skills at Super Mario? ;)
sad, i know. but since i was seriously too free, i decided to time myself on how long i would take to complete all 12 stages of the game
my bro's ancient gameboy. it was actually mine first when i was 9years old.

me against the cloud monster in the last stage of the game. it produces evil birds which fly at you to try to kill you. :)

me against the monster boss, which comes out after you kill the cloud monster. i remember when me and my cousin were kids, we could never defeat this guy and would pray to God to help us triumph over him. LOL.

i finished the whole game in 40mins! :D

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