Sunday, August 2, 2009


OMG i know i havent been blogging for so FREAKING long. and what's that malay peribahasa?
sedikit-sedikit lama-lama menjadi bukit.
hah. so my blog posts are starting from what i did last week.
last saturday, the plan was for me and my sis to go to pyramid. dropped my dad off at USJ4 kopitiam cos he was meeting his friend. guess who i saw there?

my KETUA KELAS Bryan Lim Jo-Tshen. lol i saw him from my car window and was waving with this huge smile on my face. he caught sight of me and had the 'kena stun' look on his face, then just looked away and pretended not to see me. =.=
oi bryan, look here la! XD
i want to take pic of your very handsome face also cannot. :)
then we went on our way to pyramid, and while passing by taipan, we saw groups of scouts marching along the road. lol weird. with staffs in their hands some more. they think this is jungle or what?
ok, then to pyramid. my eyes were so O.O at the sight of all the sales and promos that i wanted to run everywhere and buy everything!! stuff at Forever21 going for a mere RM20. merchandise at MNG with a slashed price with 70% off.


at Forever21
then we went to Kitschen, where i saw this gorgeous, simple dress.

goodness this exact same dress was selling at Forever21 at almost double the price that i bought it from at Kitschen!
oops forgot to rotate
full length pic, nice? :)
got this bag for RM20
Doraemon bedcover!! =D


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  2. hey, sorry for the SUPER late reply. i didnt think tht anyone would actually comment here instead of the cbox.

    sure you can!