Wednesday, July 29, 2009


this is a post for a SPECIAL friend. :)

a friend that has always been there for me, through thick and thin :)

it all started when two little girls called CHERYL and CHAICHI entered a school called SMK USJ12 in January 2005. Neither of them wanted to be there. cheryl wanted to go to SMK USJ13, chaichi wanted to go to CATHOLIC HIGH. but against their wishes, there they were, and there was nothing to be done about it.

and so both of them went on with life as best as they could.

and then, came the call for basketball selections. they saw each other and said hi. it was assumed that so far, they had made acquaintance with each other. and so the years went on. in form3, 2007, they ended up in the same class, 3FINNIX.
on the first day of school, cheryl said "hi, can i sit with you?" and that was the beginning of a friendship that would last (even though none of them knew it at that time) :D
as the days went on in form3, they realised that they CLICKED. yakking away in class every single day, they were ever-so-compatible, like two pieces of a jigsaw. :)

the u18 girls basketball team of SMK USJ12 in 2008.
this was when i bought my first dress. and dragged her all over pyramid for 6hours.

and this was when we had the cinema all to ourselves watching "What Happens In Vegas" in 2009 NST streetball challenge. 3Blind Mice were the champions.

our mutual love of FOOOOOOD

and taking pics.

no less significant is the time spent together. hours on the phone, court, hanging out and movies. etc

at Malam Ceria together. :)

us at the beach!! :D

i love this pic that you took of me

homies :)
and our love for ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!! *squeals*

i just want to say thank you, for

1. listening to my problems all the time, all the rants and bitching about things and people that i would never tell anyone else but you. :)

2. being there for me during the whole breakup incident in Form3. that really meant so much to me.

3. just being my friend and going through so much together. :)

4. and even though it seems impossible, we've never had a fight

5. sharing everything together, secrets and all. and we know we'd never break a secret. *winks*

i had so many more pics of us, but sadly they disappeared when my phone was stolen, which is why this post doesnt have as many pics as i would like it to have.
i know that they say a pic is worth a thousand words, but we know what we've gone through is so much more than that and cant be contained in just a single blog post.
Remember the time when :
- I got benched during the final round of the 2007 MSSD games and we lost 54-2 to Subang Utama? we were so pissed at coach!
- I brought my phone to school and the unit disiplin turned the whole class upside down searching for it? they didnt find it anyway, HAH.
- I was dumped? That was seriously one of the shittiest, worst times in my life, and you were there for me. taking all my crap, rants, tears, emo-ness, etc. :) Like they say, boys come and go, but true friendships last forever. Who needs a guy when we've got us, right? :D
- We were telling each other the stupid things we did when we were little?
- Shopping for my first dress. :)
- All the P&C stories we shared with each other about our lives.
- Having the best year of our secondary school lives together in Form3 Finnix. :)
so may we have many more years together and may our friendship last.


Monday, July 27, 2009


no i am not emo-ing. i just saw that pic above from my friends blog and thought it looked cool.
so i know i havent been updating alot..which sucks, cos ive done alot of stuff and am simply ITCHING to post the pics and stuff up.
will update in a few days time, hopefully? thats cos now that the syllabus for ICT is over, we're just sitting around twiddling our thumbs during the said period. so i might as well make use of my time to do something entertaining.
oh oh oh!
and i need to go SHOPPINGG!!! *runs around*


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


OMG i so totally wanna kill someone right now. blogger is so freaking slow and it took me an HOUR to complete this post!!
so the RIMUP finals for my category gals basketball were shitty, i dont wanna talk about it. but theres one thing i have to say. how the hell can they put people who have NEVER played an official game and dont even know basketball in charge? dont know how to ref then freakin get out of the court la IDIOT.
the only fun i had was when we took pics. as seen below :)
two of the people in my class who always make me laugh. :D

i SAID cool pose!! some people just dont understand plain simple england, no? XD

well at least bryan is doing a cool pose now. theanming..dunno what the hell he's posing.

foolin, its too early to be looking for stars O.O

5finnix girls and shanghai boy

jenna and TM

euchern is no fun ; says TM

me and theanming :)

i think thats supposed to be some gang brotherhood sign if im not mistaken

but they make it look funny

bros :)
we werent ready

happy happy peeps :)

bryan thinks this looks cool? :S

nah nah, like this boleh la. :)

bryan trying to dribble past foolin

bryan sulking :P
bryan a la Gossip Girl :)

fuiyo header!! =D

go theanming!!

foolin goalie

foolin ; bring it on, i'll stop it!!

foolin FAIL
jeanette jenna kelly

trying to header
ended up with a broken clip
theanming header!!
and they said i suck at taking pics of football. so ungrateful. hmph. then next time you all take pics and post in a blog yourself, ok? and i'll just offer my advice from the side. :D kidding la.