Sunday, June 21, 2009


"how the hell did i get myself into this?" were my thoughts as i walked into the seating area for the Spell-It-Right organised by RHB-NST. i felt sooo out of place. me, unacademically inclined cheryl, joining some geeky spelling competition. zzz.
everyone around me was buzzing about the competition. i was so annoyed and felt so out of place cos so many of them were reading dictionaries that i picked one up and started flipping through it too.

my teammates. OMG, when i started i was like what the hell. almost half of the words were practically unheard of by me. zzz. i won the first round and was qualified for the finals, which meant i had a chance of bagging RM2000 for myself! :) ok, maybe being a geek does have its rewards, i guess? :S
pn shirley took us to cinnabon for snacks :D
thats me in the finals. damn, the list was screwed up!!! it was so freaking stupid and unfair that some people got really easy words like obscuratism, panache, ricochet, smorgasboard, nimbostrarus, imbecilec. like wtf? a baby could spell those. but there were stupid words like some mumbo jumbo i have never heard of before in my whole entire life. *curses*
ok, but not all was lost. there was a silver lining on the cloud cos our school got the first place for the school category (that means RM2000 to be shared among the four of us)

big smile :D

a more serious pic. =l

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