Wednesday, June 17, 2009


have just finished my addmaths project and its 5am, so dont see the point of going to sleep anyway. screw addmaths! im sure im gonna be snoozing all my way through school tomorrow. >.<
ooh, speaking of school, i am ECSTATIC about my exam results! i havent failed anything (so far) and thats a surprise to me, especially when i didnt study a thing. :D
2 subjects i am really pleased with

  • Physics - ok, i know 43% isnt exactly statement of brilliancy, but heyheyy. i didnt study and i didnt copy. :D plus miss lok's marking scheme is UBER strict, and like what, 15 people (in my class) failed? im just sooo glad i passed.


  • Add Maths - yeap, the unthinkable happened! i hadnt done 3questions in paper2, which means i just threw away around 30marks. it wasnt because i was stupid and didnt know how to do the questions ok, it was cos i was stupid and didnt read the instructions. i was like oh crap, 30marks gone, sure fail one la. but i passed. Passed. PASSED. PASSED. with 8marks to spare. :D 48%, yippee!!

*jumps around*


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