Sunday, June 7, 2009


went to shah alam today. was the table official for some of the matches. i like being an official with the digital gamer thingy from molten that they provided us! never used one prior to this :) no more sucky hassle of depending so much on the scoresheets. me and joanne ; she filled in the scoresheets, i presssed the panels on the gamer. :D

SMK USJ13 warming up. tan seh wei - pure youthful talent. probably will end up representing malaysia if he keeps on improving. his game? simply gorgeous.

lining up before the match. i so totally cant wait to see SMK Kwang Hua/DNA and SMK USJ13 in the finals! DNA beat USJ13 in the Jasmine Cup though, so i wonder how it'll turn out this time.

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