Wednesday, June 17, 2009


i am SOOOOO disturbed. what the hell is the matter with my skin? recently, zits have been shooting up faster than rabbits reproduce and blackheads are popping up everywhere. =.=

spot the blackheads/pimples. cant see them? thats cos i used to NOT have any. =(
look at my skin in that pic with alex. why has it suddenly rebelled? please please what is happening >.<
i used to have such clear, matte skin like what, just a year ago? friends tell me its due to puberty and changes in hormones, shit like that. but i had this phase already when i was 13(yes i had pimples growing everywhere when i was that age too), and i dont really agree with them. i mean, i already went through puberty, and theyre saying im going through it again? whoever heard of a second puberty? :/
or theyre saying im gonna grow bigger boobs, grow taller? hmm, thats not such a bad thing :D but i am mucho opposed to having seriously bad skin. :@ !! i hate it!

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