Thursday, June 25, 2009


damn it. :(
my stupid school had spot check today, my class only.

at first i wasnt really worried cos i hadnt brought anything really illegal, like my phone. yes, there were highlighters, liquid paper in my pencilcase, but usually the prefects are ok with that cos they know that we use it to do our work. i'd also had a DVD with me, a brand new one that chaichi lent me and i hadnt even had the chance to watch it yet. but i thought it would be ok since i put it in my file and they usually only check bags.

mana tau lah i get a freakin strict shitty prefect that seriously turn my bag inside out. so i was smart and sat on all my highlighters and stuff. then suddenly she say whats that under yr skirt. =.= bocor liau

wtf, then check my file and found the DVD

damnit, 17 Again, zac efron, didnt even watch it yet!!!
screw that prefect!!

and its even worse that the DVD's not mine.


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