Sunday, May 31, 2009


yesterday, i had this sudden impulse to go jogging in the early morning. i knew i probably wouldnt be able to wake up if i went to sleep, so i stayed up the whole night and went jogging at 5.30a.m. ivan was awake the whole night too.
after running 7rounds around the usj16 park.
it was fun to be up running so early, the air was so cold. there wasnt anyone else about; i owned the road man. :)

found this on the road while walking around to warm down after my run.

a round squishy orange globule of...something.

what could it be?

it wasnt till my bro accidentally dropped and stepped on it *splat* that we realised it was a paintball.

took a shower after that and still couldnt fall asleep. so i went to usj6 basketball court where the guys were having HSBL (high school basketball league). came in time to see my school guys walkover since only 4players showed up.

met my old coach zoe there. i was surprised that shes still here after all these years since she's originally from perak and came here to study. anyway, we talked and she said i could join the guys team training like i had in the past if i wanted to.

U6BC team vs SMK USJ13.
U6 in white/orange, 13 in black

they were trashed. 13 trashed U6 i mean. thats zoe standing there in red.

james came by after that, played ball with him at usj16 the other day too. it was great to see him and have a real convo with him again after so long. i remember when we used to go to U6 training together, he was chubby and ever so cuutee. :) and now, 4years later, he's tall and buff. XD

james now. ;)

p.s. james if you see this dont perasan ;)

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