Saturday, May 9, 2009


went to pyramid today. nobody wanted to teman me because exams are on monday so i went with my sis. X) i wanted to try to find my phone, so i took a pic of my phone's serial no. and all that so that IN CASE i found it, i could prove it was mine.
aiyo useless lah because didn't find it anyway. so we went shopping and walked around. my sister suddenly wanted to get a dress in white, so we searched for one the whole day, but didn't find any really nice ones. we tried on lots of clothes though.
we first went to this shop called D&D

screw the damn pimple. :* !!
and then to F Bloc, where i found this red dress. i love the colour, and would you believe it, it was only RM20. but i didn't get it though, the cutting was terrible. it looked like a pillowcase on me.

after that we went to Lola, where i waited for my sis to try on the white dresses there. didn't see anything i liked, so i only sat outside the changing room and camwhored. oops, what do i mean ONLY sat outside the changing room and camwhored? i do it all the time. :D then we walked around pyramid some more, and i saw these. :) cute, aren't they? XD

ice cream sundaes and instant noodles.

sushi sets and tong sui. so cuteeee!!! ^.^ we then went to Forever21.

i liked the coral red colour of this dress too, but there was only available in large, so i didn't get it.

nice right? :) but it was the last piece and there was a stain on the back. :S

i liked this grey toga dress too, but it was out of my budget :/

when we came out of the changing room, we walked around for a while looking at accessories, and i saw the ugliest headband ever with this hideous huge flower. i tried it on and laughed so much at the sight of myself, i wondered who would ever buy it.
ugly fugly headband

i look stupid, yes? that's kind of the point here. :D

went to Apee & Shibuya, where my sis finally saw a dress she liked. i thought it was too formal though, and she didn't get it after all. but the dress she found me was pretty.

i like the sparkly sequins on the top. it was priced at rm55.90 and i wasn't sure if i should get another dress since i rarely wear them anyway. but now i'm kind of regretting not buying it. :S

yer, i look fat here. :<

in the end i only bought this from some shop at asian avenue since i don't have any plain black tops and they should be a staple in every girls' wardrobe. we bought a present for Mothers' Day, famous amos cookies and chocolates. had dinner at gasoline and went back around 9p.m.


i'll be going to my grandma's house to celebrate mothers' day tomorrow. peeps, don't forget to wish your mum Happy Mothers' Day! :)

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