Friday, April 24, 2009

the world is a lot more fun with a bit of bullshit thrown in :D

hey you. :)

all my friends are studying like mad but yours truly here hasn't cracked open a single book. i'm abit worried though but i'm worrying about bigger things (from my point of view anyway) right now. :S MSSD is gona be held in 2days and our team's defence, to put it honestly, is really bad. i thought coach would teach us the most basic defence, 3-2, but instead all we've been doing is having tons of friendly matches from other schools and haven't been working on it that much. Grr! yes, i know that the exposure is good, but shouldn't we work on the basic defence as well since we're so weak? so i have to teach them the 3-2 tmr.

i'm feeling the butterflies in my tummy right now. :/ i really hope our team will at least make it to the semi-finals this year. it's my last year, my final chance to acheive something. i hope i get selected for MSSS this year too and really hope i'll make the team. btw i hope the MSSS selections will be held during the midyear exams too so i won't hafta study so much. :)

narcissistic :P

am going to pyramid with junweng and bryan and we're going to this awesome steamboat buffet restaurant to meet up with our class after that. :) bryan is so cute la haha.
Bryan, since u asked me to blog about u. *winks*
but i don't have any nice pics of u to post in my blog la. :( later you've gotta take some pics with me so that all the ppl who read my blog will be able to see how freakin hawt u are *sizzle*
will update about the steamboat makan with plenty of pics hopefully.
till then,
au revoir ;)

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