Monday, April 27, 2009

steamboat gala

Went with bryan, junweng, foolin, and the twins to watch He's Just Not That Into You. Surprisingly though, it was the guys who suggested the movie eventhough it was a chick flick. I thought the movie was stupid and all the female characters were whiny, desperate, and totally overdependant on the male species. Finally bought my white top from Nichii. =)

After that, we met up with FTL and the girls (thats jeanette,kelly,jenna and me) and went for makan at a steamboat buffet restaurant in sunway on saturday.

the restaurant somewhere in sunway. Me and junweng were total divas and took a cab from pyramid to the restaurant eventhough the distance was only like 200m away. this restaurant is seriously laku and its a good thing we made reservations because it was packed all the way from the ground floor all the way to the third floor but we just sailed past all the people waiting to be seated outside and zipped right to our seats. :)

The guys eating. I ate SERIOUSLY ALOT there, even more than the guys, till they labeled me bulldozer =.=' For the info of all the people who were there, i dont usually eat like that ok! I'd starved myself the whole day waiting for the steamboat dinner. I think one of the best dishes there was the honey marmite barbequed chicken. All the people there were behaving like uncivilized idiots, pushing and shoving to fill their plates with as much of it as possible. When it first came out me and eshen went to see if we could get a few pieces and were like WTF when we saw the people grabbing as much of it as they could. All the chicken was gone within a few seconds. O.O

The next time the chicken came out we were better prepared and were waiting with our plates ready and finally got some for ourselves. *cue for applause* =)

the guys waiting for the chicken to be served


the prize =)

eshen stuffing his face :)

oh yeah, i remember in my last post i said i would blog about this hot guy called bryan? Well here he is :)

check out the hot stuff weih :P

Bryan Lim Jo-Tshen
Hot :P

Me helping myself to the food. After that we walked back to pyramid even though it was really late and lepak-ed there for a while till my mum came to pick me up.
All the pics are from junweng's blog since i was too lazy to upload the pics from my own camera. I would be too lazy even to blog if not for the fact that its now the ICT period in school and i have nothing better to do. :)

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