Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MSSD #2 and #3

LOL (i'm the one at the side)

schewee & i ; take 1

schewee & i ; take 2

haih, we lost. :(


i am so disappointed, especially as i know we didnt do our best and could have won. 1st school we lost to, Sri Kembangan. we were leading all the way till the last quarter where it was 15-15. then they caught up 17-21. we did alot of stupid mistakes and our defence formation was full of holes. =(


the 2nd school we lost to was taman sri muda, the same school that my friend Bao Er from the MSSS team was in. we almost won but lost by only 3points, 16-13. haih, if only yvonne, siauthung and chaichi hadn't left the team i'm sure we would've gone far this year.


i'm EMO-ING big time.


:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


the least i can hope for now is getting selected for MSSS training. But even then i dont think if i can even get in the team cos alot of good players from the u15 MSSS team have come up. i feel so dejected.

btw was looking through ashwin's blog..and saw this! Ivan! how dare u punk me especially as i was your photographer for the day! remember that pic i took when you were on air?!

im gona wack your head when i see you.

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