Saturday, April 11, 2009

getcha head in the game

today while all my friends were in school doing their sejarah and maths latih tubi, i was away in the bukit jalil stadium doing what i love most, playing BASKETBALL. :D we gathered in school at 7am and i wore shorts eventhough school rules say girls weren't supposed to. can u give me one good reason why we cant wear shorts? guys gona get turned on by our calves? its not like theyre even SHORT shorts, mine were below my knees. pn eve scolded me but her son was standing there wearing shorts and slippers. =.="

so anyway, we all piled into the bus. it took us like 45mins to reach the stadium. bukit jalil sports school isnt just in one building,there's the building for the school, then there's the indoor basketball stadium,the football stadium(where the opening ceremony was held),the track and field stadium,the archery and riding field and the aquatic stadium.

the football stadium

the school building

where this retard named OWI (what kind of name is that :P) greeted us and told us to go get our milo shirts and get our asses to the football stadium like ASAP cos the opening ceremony was gona start


all we did was camwhore. XD
was anyone listening to the speaker? nope, dont think so. :)

me, schewee, brenda

alex and me

ivan, me, schewee

everyone waiting for the opening ceremony

after the opening ceremony ended, we all went to the stadium.
where more camwhoring was to come :)

jangan menangis demi sebutir pingat di olimpik :D

schewee and me

alex's team playing

alex takes the shot! :D

owi and me

the indoor basketball stadium

the entrance

alex looks so cute here :)

we expected like at least 10teams for the girls category, but in the end found out that there were only 6teams + all the teams from our school XD. for the boys u15 and u18 category there were like 20teams from klang high school,PJST and bukit bintang. my team only played 2games and went to the finals,where we won too and got no.1

that's me in the middle!

sports unite!

bangga >.<

me and schewee

the guys :)

after the whole thing ended at 3pm, it was raining heavily and we all wanted to go home. but when we called the bus he said he was busy and said he would come at 5.30 WTF.
so we waited

and waited

and waited.

we got so freakin bored we started singing the matkool song (yes, the icecream) to entertain ourselves and an icecream guy who happened to be there. XD

so my team got a pair of shoes, a medal(real metal wan LOL), and 2bags for winning.
i think we'll be getting a certificate in school on monday.

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