Wednesday, March 25, 2009

what?! the holidays are over already??

hi peeps! omg the holidays are just over but it didnt feel like a holiday at all to me cuz i've been busy Busy BUSY all through!

well i wouldnt wanna bore u with lengthy elaborations on what i did so i'll just talk about a few of them.

on saturday, i was up and off to the beach at 7am. i kid u not. it was organised by my church youth and we spent the day there till 3p.m. where i got seriously sunburnt.

me and to the beach~!!

failed miserably at frisbee and so turned the frisbee into a base where we terrorised innocent little crabs *muahaha*

just spent quality bff time together :D

madly dug random holes in the sand with great enthusiasm. =)

and camwhored :)

chalets on the water

back in subang and off to the mamak!

after that i rushed back to school and reached just in time at 4.30pm to play in the matches against kajang and kota kemuning. freaking tired weih..and the referees were so dam stupid! the players from kajang were really rough, pull me here pull me there..elbow me..then they go hit and slap me!! like what the hell right! then the 2 very 'professional' referees called a expected. but guess what they said it was me who comitted the foul. =.=" but whatever lah cos in the end we beat both kajang and kota kemuning. :D

wanna hear something funny? ok, i was like dam pissed with the guys during the match..they wanted to stay back and watch so i was like 'ok, but please help to count the score'. then during half time, my team was winning but the guys weren't keeping count of the score. so i got mad and started swearing at them. then this form2 girl was damn shocked and said "OH MY GAWD, did u just like, say the F WORD?" XD

on sunday, i went to MPSJ where my team took part in the 3x3 basketball competition being held there.

cina india cina

our team - the 3 blind mice. makes sense right? there are 3 of us, hence the name 3 blind mice. XD

the sun was VERY VERY HOT and even though we stayed in the shade when we werent playing,everybody got sunburnt. my team won champion and we were really happy about it cos the organiser said we would get hampers and rm300 cash. but guess what, all we got was the hamper. so unfair! why do we only get a hamper but the guys team champion get rm300 and hamper?! ever heard of gender equality? whats so special that the guys get rm300 and the girls dont get any cash? the hamper was like so small and the stuff in it wasnt nice at all. if it was full of cadbury and ferero rocher and hello panda i wouldnt be complaining. :(

anyway that will be featured in the NST(the 3x3 basketball competition) so look out for it, whoever of you which read the NST. i dont read the NST so i'll be glad if u let me know if u see it. :) thanks!

so the result of my holidays is i came back to school with a terrible sunburn. i'm now like 5 skin tones darker, my lips are chapped and bleeding, my whole face is itchy and the skin from my face is peeling.

do you know what is that? no? take a closer look..ok, i'll tell you. its a freakin part of my face which is peeling off! >.< !!

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