Sunday, March 8, 2009

spins u round, up and down

today was the last day of exam, and i was itching to go out. so i me and my sis went to taipan eventhough she's gona have her exam next week. (she's in usj13)

we went at 7.30 and we walked around quite abit..i wanted to go to patissfrance n try their gelato since denise said they have the most rockin gelato EVER but in the end it didnt work out cuz she didnt wanna share with me n i REFUSE to be consuming all those calories by myself. X

we then went boutique hopping, but only ended with one plastic bag each. hey, now recession ok! which reminds me..i was at pyramid 3times during the last 3weeks, and i noticed that theres alot less people than there used to be. :S

anyway,we tried on some tops and i ended up with a pink, black and white tube with a really pretty red silk sash. :)

bimbotic X)


and it only cost rm27.90!! ^.^

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