Friday, March 13, 2009

its LOVE that makes the world go round :)

i'm sure many of you have seen this phrase before. but how many of u actually know that it comes from the bible? (and fyi yes, this pic is actually the pic of a page in the bible)

LOVE. how many of us have actually professed to be in love, but were actually in it for our own interests or personal gain? or how many of us say we love our boyfriends/girlfriends, but have like 50 of them? how 'in love' with them can u be when u have so many? what do we mean when we say those three words to someone?

well,for me, this is what love means :

  • i would be patient with him, even if he drove me up the wall. :)
  • it would take alot for me to get angry with him.
  • and even if i did get angry, i'd probably forgive him quickly.
  • i would sacrifice my shoes, clothes, PHONE, etcetc. that is, IF he would want them. but i'm sure not many guys have a desire for 4-inch heels or bras(since they dont have anything to put in them :P)
  • i would always be there for him. im not gona say 'if he needed me' cos, screw it whether he needed me or not, i would just BE there for him, whether he needed me or not.
  • i'd do my best to understand him, however many annoying idiosyncrasies he has or whatnot.
  • i'd respect him and his decisions.
  • and i'd want to be his confidante and hear all his problems, be it accidentally putting on his socks inside out or getting involved in an accident.
  • i'd put him first
  • i'd commit my heart to him

in this modern world where we are so 'in touch' with everything, sometimes i cant help but contemplate whether love in the past was better. i mean, i look around me, and i cant help but think that love is prepackaged, commercialised,fast and expensive. how many of us would prefer getting a text that says 'luv u nite' or a real conversation?

i HATE HATE HATE guys that tell a girl that they love her when all they wanna do is get laid and get out. where is your freakin self respect, your morals, your consideration for someone's feelings? getting your cheap,sick satisfaction by telling a girl u love her is more important than a person's feelings? well congrats to u, u sick jerk, cos u've just made it on my list of world's most screwed up people, along with all those rapists, molesters, murderers and what other scum of the world.

and when i hear people who say that theyre heartbroken when their 20th boyfriend/girlfriend dumps them but get another one in like a month, i doubt that they've ever TRULY known what it means to fall in love. why do people say 'i love you forever' when they break up with someone after only like 3months? why do guys say stuff like 'i swear on my mother's name to always love u and take care of u' when after 3months, u dump the girl? why even say it in the first place when it never truly meant anything to u?

but i admit that love, TRUE love,is a wonderful thing. the love that comforts you when u screw up, the love that willingly sacrifices, that puts others first before itself. love that has been on for 10years but still makes one blush when u kiss her on the lips and hug her in public. :) the love that makes miracles possible.

yes, u get your heart broken when u fall in love and truly commit but the one u leave dumps you. its been almost two years since i fell for that someone so hard and he left me, and i've never loved anyone else the way i loved him ever since. i was hurt alot and it was a painful experience, but at least i know now not to be so naive or trust people so easily. i made mistakes too, but i've learnt from experience. getting hurt only makes you stronger, cos y'know 'what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger' :)

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