Monday, March 16, 2009

if life was perfect, it would be boring

i am so freaking pissed. there seems to be a sort of rebellion going on in against me. you know there's something people call a 'bad hair day' ? well, im having a bad face month. my skin is breaking out in zits and i cant do anything to prevent them from popping out. fine then, be that way!

im going to zap all you cursed zits into oblivion with this! see what it says on the label there? it says 'vanishing formula' so thats what im going to do to all of you. im going to make all of you VANISH with this! *poof* and be gone! :D

yes, i know i look retarded and no, i do not have some kind of weird skin disease or whatever. im zapping the zits away with Oxy10! nyeknyek :P

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