Friday, March 27, 2009

GOSH!! SUNBURNT!! sunburn has gotten worse..its broken out into rashes and my skin is all bumpy and was still ok on wednesday when i went to tuition at 3-5pm..then when i looked into the mirror at 8pm, i saw...a freak. im not gona post a pic of how i look cos i dont wanna scare the crap outta u people.

i skipped school today cos i couldnt stand people staring at me, pointing in my direction and whispering about me as though i were some monster. although hell yeah, with the way i look now, i'd probably stare and point too if i were u. :( you people probably think im some idiot who got the date of halloween wrong and am wearing a horrible mask to go trick or treating. well surprise surprise, its not a mask, its my face. *SOB*

sigh. well i guess at the worst i'll be able to get a job with a circus as the circus freak.

my face looks like it has clusters of little raspberries all over it.

i hope i get well soon.

i hope my face goes back to normal.

i hope people stop staring at me.

i've got a freaking basketball match tomorrow!! how am i supposed to play with my skin in this condition??!!

what am i freakin gona do??!!

:O !!

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