Thursday, March 5, 2009

Excuse me waiter, there's a fly in my soup.

Or in this case, there was a FREAKING WORM in my soup. There i was eating a bowl of my mum's healthy, nutritious(or so i thought) cabbage soup, when i spotted something i at first thought was a small piece of cabbage that looked like it got hacked off when my mum was cutting up the cabbage. then when i took a closer look, i realised it was a fat WORM that my mum had somehow missed when she was cleaning up the cabbage for the soup. Or had she even cleaned the cabbage first..? :/ *looks at my mum uneasily*
Eww.. Anyway it was a good thing i spotted it or else i wouldve consumed soup de worm and wouldnt even have realised it. It would then probably have laid eggs in my tummy and i would now be playing host to a family of maggots. >.<

So i fished it out of my bowl and threw it away. After which i proceeded to finish up the soup. Let's i hope i didnt miss any other worms when i threw that one out. :/

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