Monday, March 9, 2009

and all i had was a miserable packet of mamee monster

today was really cold all day. i'm SOOOOO hungry cos my mum didnt cook lunch and went out, and nows nearly dinnertime but shes still not back yet.

so all i ate today was this

one miserable packet of mamee monster that i snitched from my bro. anyway, has anyone realised how tiny it has become? some of my childhood memories from primary school are playing with my friends after school munching on mamee monster that we had bought from the uncle selling titbits outside the school compound. it cost only rm0.30 per pkt, the mamee monster used to be the size of my face and was thick to boot.

and now the mamee monster is so...not the size of my face. XD i think its smaller than even half of my face. and its now not only small, its thin. =/ plus now mamee monster is already like rm0.50 per pkt. thats like 140% of the price we used to pay but now we're getting smaller portions. :'(

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